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OpenAg Personal Food Computer™ v3.0 "Ice Cube"

We’re all about mods at the Open Agriculture Initiative. We open-source our hardware and software not just so our community can copy it, but so that they can hack it and make it all their own. Just before our release, I forked our PFC v3.0 design and created an all-clear, polycarbonate version. We call it Ice Cube. Looks like glass, smells like basil.

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OpenAg was gearing up for its fall demo season, and PFC v3.0 release. I had already been playing around with polycarbonate with the PFC v3.0, fabricating windows and clear tops to show off its new PCB "brain." I thought I would take the clear effect to the next step, and make a whole chassis out of polycarbonate. It would be perfect for a demo space, since it would help spectators see all of the PFC v3.0's new bells and whistles—USB cameras, sensors, and actuators—that my team embedded inside of its chassis.

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Ice Cube wound up being a sweet addition to our fall demo event, and we've been touting it around for other presentations since. Cutting the polycarbonate took some time, but *clearly* it was worth the effort lol

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